Why I Rather Drink Than Eat

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One thing you will never hear me claim to be is a nutritional expert. I prefer the term “enthusiast.” Why? Because I know so much about nutrition, I am intrigued about learning more, and it is genuinely a passion of mine to grow in this area and help others determine how to do fitness on their own terms. But, despite what researchers and “experts” may say, Brittany is always going to do what Brittany feels is best for Brittany. You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it again today, to me there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health and fitness. There just isn’t, in my opinion. Some people would tell you that you should never, ever drink your calories; that all of the energy you take should come from solid foods.I am not one of those people! Like everything else, balance is super important as well as making good choices.

Everyone knows that I am addicted to juicing and making smoothies. Mostly because it is a convenient way to stay focused on my goals and still make sure that I am taking in enough nutrients for the day. I still make sure to eat solid food as well but I have always been more of a grazer than someone who wants to sit down and eat full meals on the regular. But, one thing that has always been a concern for me is getting in enough protein.

I am not much of a meat eater at all and only keep seafood in the house - and, even that is rare. Beans are another great source of protein but, because of my threenagers digestive issues beans are a no-no for her and I always try my best to maintain the same diet restrictions she does when we are in each other’s presence. Through our smoothie obsessions we are able to consume a large amount of leafy greens which contain protein but, sometimes you even need a break from that.

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Recently, I was introduced to Fizzique which is the only refreshing sparkling protein water on the market. Now, you know how I feel about sparkling water so I have to admit I was definitely intrigued. This drink uses something called Protein Fizzology™ which is a multi-patented technology that infuses protein into sparkling water by combining liquid protein with refreshing bubbles. Don’t get it confused though; Fizzique is not a meal replacement. It is a refreshing, high-protein pick-me-up scientifically proven to kick-start your energy and satisfy hunger between meals. The 20g of healthy bubbles consumed at mid-morning and again in the early afternoon will reduce your cravings for a high carb snack. Research shows that sipping 2g of whey protein (10% of a can of fizzique) every 15-20 minutes fuels your muscles and mind better than chugging 30g of whey protein or casein. This is great for those of us who are constantly trying different brands of protein powders but are sometimes left feeling unsatisfied because, let's face it: protein shakes are often times chalky and leave an aftertaste.

Fizzique is the perfect light and refreshing on-the-go option that does not need mixing and is not heavy, thick, or chalky. No muss, no fuss. Plus, it comes in two fun flavors: strawberry watermelon and lemon lime. You know I am hitting you with a discount code so that you can try it out and save some coins, right? My only suggestion is to make sure that you #DrinkFizzique when it is super chilled, like really cold. If not, you may walk away a tad bit disappointed. But, when it is cold, boy is it good!

You can use code “BRITFIZZIQUE” to get a discount at checkout! Shop Fizzique below.

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