Conquering Limiting Beliefs with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water


Do you ever feel there’s something standing in the way of your happiness? Do you ever think When I get “there,” I’ll be happy or When I finally have “this,” I’ll find joy or If I accomplish “that,” I’ll be at peace and feel good? There is something standing in the way of our happiness... OURSELVES! It’s difficult to notice just how often our own limiting beliefs - untrue stories about ourselves - keep us stuck living in mediocrity. We want joy and happiness, but our confidence – or lack thereof – and untrue stories keeps us trapped. I’ve been there. My biggest setbacks and discouragements in life came because I owned stories, from a very young age, that others told me about me that simply weren’t true. Somehow their stories became my own and turned into limiting beliefs that held me back. At one point in my life, I was completely consumed by fear, worry, and self-doubt. I was my own worst critic and never believed I was good enough. I was afraid to step into my own power. I became a master at shrinking to fit what everyone else expected of me—which I thought was very little. Maybe you identify with a variation of this story. Every individual—no matter how successful or unfortunate, wealthy or poor, old or young—is capable of overcoming their limiting beliefs and allowing themselves to step into their own happiness.

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I have been in a mental funk the last couple of weeks and am going to attack this from the inside out, focusing on what I am putting in my body and how that may affect the other aspects of my life. Getting in the minimum 8 glasses of water is what is going to be my hardest struggle. Luckily, Gerolsteiner pairs well with fresh fruit and because it contains calcium and magnesium, I am getting an extra boost of healthy yummy goodness that should be just what I need to get moving and turn things around.

Find something - anything – to celebrate about YOU, every day. Meeting a deadline, a newly discovered talent, a good hair day. You deserve a 5-star award for what you accomplish. Be sure to applaud yourself every night.

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Once we overcome our own limiting beliefs, we can transform our perspective, give ourselves permission to be our amazing, extraordinary, magical selves, and take back power over our own happiness. Make sure you join me in the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox Challenge! .

All Images Photographed by I'sha Gaines for FitxBrit

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