Visit OKC: For Adventure, For Family Fun, For Self-Care

Birthdays are HUGE for me but in a nonconventional way. What used to be a month full of weekend turn ups and bottle popping has now transitioned into meaningful moments with people who fuel my soul. For the most part, I crave peace, solitude, and new experiences -things outside of the norm, so when I thought about when was the last time that I truly felt peace; surprisingly Oklahoma City came to mind. Now I know what you are thinking, but yes OKC has so much to do that despite this being my second time exploring the city there are still so many sites that I haven't checked off of my list.

Where To Stay

If you are looking for a beautiful, relatively quiet place to stay, then I recommend The Ambassador Hotel. The amenities give off a very classic vibe. The rood top bar is the perfect place to take in the entire city, and the drinks are definitely one for the books.

For The Adventurer

If you are coming to OKC looking for an adventure, then I have two places that you absolutely can not miss. One is Kitchen 324 located in the heart of OKC. This foodie find has fresh, locally sourced food options with a hipster vibe. What stood out the most was the handcrafted coffee menu and their specialty cocktails. I tried the Unicorn drink, and it made me feel so magical. I dare you to leave without witnessing several people try out the GIANT Buttermilk Pancake, and it is indeed giant! The reason I have assigned this eatery to the adventurer is that you need some real substance to take on our next activity.

Wilshire Gun Range was one of the places I was most excited to visit. Wilshire Gun is the first of its kind in the nation! They are a locally owned shooting range that is full of experiences. They have over 50 full auto rentals, 101-yard indoor range, 25 and 35-yard ranges, a fun on-site restaurant with tons of good food ( you definitely get a sports bar vibe), and a full bar & cigar lounge! Don't worry once your card has been swiped for dinks you can no longer partake in the shooting. Safety first guys!

For The Self-Care Experience

Looking for a getaway where you can refocus and spend some time with yourself? Well, OKC has that too. While there for the weekend I tried out Udånder which is a Scandinavian steam and sauna spa set in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, directly across from Kitchen 324. I am a regular at the sauna at my local gym, but this was a different experience, this was the real deal. I loved that they had hours designated exclusively for both men and women so that you could be as free as you were comfortable with. We enjoyed a nice cup of tea, the steam, and sauna rooms as well as a foot soak. It was magical, and the staff was accommodating and attentive. This spa is where I picked up the palo santo everyone has been asking me about in my Instagram dm's.

As far as a relaxing dinner goes, I highly recommend Café Cuvée located inside the Ambassador Hotel. It was super swanky and offered an array of French-inspired cuisine. The chef created a special vegetarian dish for me, and I was super pleased! I think the key component that pushed each food option together was the sauces. I am addicted to the sauce and in all honestly was expecting a bland meal because, my experience with French cuisine is pretty blah, but this exceeded my expectations. After you enjoy your meal, make sure you head up to the rooftop bar.

For Family Fun

There is one Oklahoma City staple that never gets old, and that is the Wheeler Ferris Wheel Park! The Ferris wheel in Oklahoma City once stood at the Santa Monica Pier and is now located just south of the Oklahoma River. It is already full of history. It's been in many movies, including Iron Man! It is more than just a Ferris wheel the area is surrounded with townhomes, houses, and schools which makes it the perfect little community for those looking to relocate to the city. There are yard games, hammocks, swings, and a small concession stand surrounding a large grassy area that is perfect for a fun family day!

Another fun spot to eat out in style is at Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse located in Bricktown, OKC. Renowned as the best steakhouse in OKC and a top place for fine dining. During our experience there, the location was packed with families celebrating and enjoying the scene. That may be because it was graduation season, but good vibes were all around us. Now knowing that I practice a mostly plant-based lifestyle, you are probably surprised that I was even at a steakhouse, but they have a relatively sizeable vegetarian menu and also provide options for those with gluten sensitivities so I was very impressed.

So as you can see, Oklahoma City has a little something for everybody! I have only been home two weeks and Visit OKC is already showcasing so many new attractions that I am excited to plan my next trip!

This trip was #Hosted by Visit OKC. My experiences were comped in exchange for an honest review of my experience.