November Fit Finds: Ready Heroes Fitness Camp


Many people may not know that I am a Fort Worth, Texas native and one thing that I have noticed while being on the fitness scene in the DFW Metroplex is that everything is centered around the city of Dallas. People will travel 45 minutes to attend the boot camp series that I co-host with core fitness at Klyde Warren Park and when I ask them what brings them out the response is usually that there isn’t anything going on where they live. I quickly let them know that the Metroplex is full of great fitness spots and maybe they just haven't really dug deep to take advantage of all that the different cities have to offer. This led me to the conclusion that I need to use this platform to bring attention to the dope fitness that is taking place outside of the Dallas City limits because, believe me, there is a lot going on that you guys are missing out on. That said, why not start off in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas?!

So, let’s talk Ready Heroes Fitness Camp, shall we? You may recognize one of the owners from our #LiveYourFitEveryDay Series that we started at the initial launch of the site. Well, so much has changed for him in a little over a year! His gym is growing and offering so much to the Fort Worth community! From fun fitness excursions, yoga, bootcamp style classes, and even mindset courses to push their fitfam to develop all parts of self.


Location: 4825 Packard Ct. Suite D, Forest Hill, TX 76119

Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; 5a,5p, 6:15p, 7:30p, Friday,5p,6:15p

Services : Boot camps, yoga, one on personal training, small group training, online training, Growth Mindset empowerment seminars At the Ready Heroes Fitness Camp, we believe in a holistic approach to health/wellness. Whether a client’s goal is fat loss, weight loss, building muscle, etc. We firmly believe that the 1st goal established must be consistency. More importantly, your goals must be in harmony with how you think because what good is it to set a goal and not have the belief that you can achieve it. This is the importance of the Growth Mindset, and it is the heart and soul of the Ready Heroes Fitness Camp. With the Growth Mindset, we empower our clients to: Recognize you have a choice and the capacity to change. Embrace the process which means to make small incremental changes that lead to long lasting results. The quick fix mentality ALWAYS leads to failure. Embrace setbacks and failures. Setbacks and failures are a part of the process, and not the end result. Embracing this idea provides a buffer against defeatism which will develop the grit and determination to realize your potential.

Our mission is to empower the community by providing a holistic approach to health/wellness. We provide a transformative experience through physical activity, nutritional guidance, and community service. Our core values of Support, Teamwork, and Encouragement & Motivation create a thriving growth mindset culture with an impact that transcends fitness.

Vision Through the development of the mind and body, we aspire to be community oriented leaders in health/wellness.

Core Values

Support: Thoroughly educating clients on the related aspects of health/wellness, while empowering them to take ownership in their own journey.

Teamwork: Understanding that being a part of a community is a powerful agent for change. Thus, we develop a community of like-minded individuals who all believe in their capacity for change.

Encouragement: Viewing mistakes, setbacks, and failures through the lens of the growth mindset. All of the aforementioned are opportunities to learn and improve.

Motivation: Engaging clients in a way that makes fitness accessible and fun.

Motto: Become fit; change your body. Become a hero; change your life.


So who is down for some fun with the amazing trainers at Ready Heroes Fitness Camp?! Make sure you contact them and let them know I sent you!

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