We Are The Champions! #LukesGrit Challenge with Grit Fitness Studio

It was a dark and stormy night...just kidding!  It was a sunny Sunday morning when I pulled up to Luke’s Locker.  Little did I know, I was in for an experience that would change how I looked at group fitness classes.

Grit Fitness made it their mission to get the Dallas community to stay active during the holidays and they definitely succeeded. By attending classes and creating posts via Instagram, participants had the chance to win up to $100 store credit to Luke’s Locker! Yup, they were paying people to work out - dope concept right?! If you know anything about me, I have a pretty addicting sneaker habit  and $100 would definitely add some umph to my collection in 2016.

Grit Fitness Studio

Grit Fitness Studio

The best part about the challenge was getting to sample several of the classes Grit Fitness has to offer. I have a phobia of group fitness classes mainly because my inner suburban girl comes out in a BIG way and although I may be working out a sweat, I normally feel like a fool!  Coordination is not my thing guys!

The first class was a fitness mash up that gave me a little bit of everything rolled into one.  Luckily Brittani Rettig (H.C.I.C at Grit Fitness) brought several of her gorgeous and amazing trainers to keep us motivated and pushed to our limits. (Annabel is my favorite! Her energy is contagious!) Post sweat session, we had the opportunity to fill our bellies with some amazing breakfast items and juices from Simply Fit Meals!  

In the next few weeks, Brit and her Grit Fitness crew had us all sampling workouts from across the fitness menu with sessions devoted to Dance Club Cardio, Turbo Kick, Grit HiIt, and Body Sculpt Express.  Each class equally enjoyable and super intense.  While  I barely made it on most days, I love that this studio accommodates you, wherever you are in your fitness journey.  They are going to push you to YOUR limit, but the support is next to none and you will leave with your goals met. The biggest lesson I learned during my time at the #LukesGrit Challenge is that the more you go, the more you grow! What may seem like an impossible routine to grasp eventually becomes second nature the more classes you attend!

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I really challenge you to check out this studio because we all love a challenge and GRIT Fitness offers some incentive for meeting your goals.  Earn a super cute tank top and take one of the 7 different class formats - heck, take them all. Speaking of which, Grit Fitness just made it easier for you to enjoy their personalized wellness experience by offering $25 off of their unlimited monthly class pass! Saving money is definitely an incentive you can’t pass up!

What are your experiences with GRIT Fitness Studio? Do you have a favorite class that you recommend?

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