The 3 Things You Must Experience in Oklahoma City

So, last week I hit you guys with a recap of our girls getaway and how we spent our first 24 hours in a whirlwind of fun courtesy of Visit Norman. Well first off, I can’t be the only one that did not know that Norman and Oklahoma City are literally like thirty minutes apart. So, when I was gearing up for the second leg of our trip I really got comfortable in our CX-9’s provided by Mazda but, as soon as I closed my eyes we were there! Lol.

Because Oklahoma City has so much to offer, Visit OKC really did a great job of giving us a tour of their great city and there is literally SO Much to do that I am already planning my next trip back because I feel like I still have so much to explore! Of course I want to share my biggest takeaways so that you can get started on planning your next trip too!

Foodie Finds


If you don’t know anything about me just know that I can eat. Like literally I get hungry about every 3-4 hours and going out to eat is always a new adventure and doing it out of town is even more fun because it’s a fresh experience. Being able to eat three meals a day at places I have never tried had me like a kid in a candy shop. But, if I had to give you one place that you have to visit while in OKC it would have to be Barrios! I love Mexican food more than any other food in the world and Barrios definitely delivered! On top of that, their creative drink menu was the cherry on the sundae and I enjoyed watching everyone at the table try different drinks. My favorite was the prickly cactus, which I paired with my shrimp fajitas that came highly recommended from our waitress. Normally, I do not want to order an appetizer because I am set on making sure I have enough room to finish my meal but, you can not leave without indulging in their queso and guac

Here are some other foodie finds that are definitely worth your time if you will be in OKC for an extended amount of time:

  1. Waffle Champion

  2. Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

  3. The Drake


I love hotels. I mean, if I could afford it I would make sure to take a monthly staycation or vacation just to sleep in a new space and experience living without the pressure of cleaning up after myself! Lol! But the 21C Museum Hotel in OKC was like no hotel I have EVER experienced in my 30+ years of life. I mean, first off the hotel is literally a museum so there is artwork everywhere! I love the fresh designs and the contemporary feel that the atmosphere brings. The staff was so accommodating and friendly. Anytime I touched the first floor, someone was there offering coffee to get my day started and that was such an added bonus. Now, if only they had flavored creamer. Oh, and did I mention the San Antonio FC were staying there at the same time!? I was definitely ok with the eye candy and watching the team workouts in the morning before heading out!

Looking for Some other Hotel Options?

  1. The Skirvin Hilton

  2. Aloft Bricktown

  3. Sheraton Oklahoma City


I am all about trying new things in moderation so, when rock climbing was on the agenda that we were sent prior to departure I was so geeked! Indoor rock climbing at Climb Up was so much fun and informative! There were so many different areas where we were able to test our skills and I had so much fun trying to push myself to reach the top. The orientation was intense so make sure that you block off about 45 minutes for that alone but, it helped me to feel more confident during the experience!

Things to do in OKC

  1. Wheeler District

  2. RiverSport Adventures

  3. Drinks at the 21C Hotel

I feel like maybe you are itching to plan a trip to OKC, aren’t you? Well, I know that I did my part in getting you prepared with the places that you have to go to! What do you guys think?

All images courtesy of my DFA Blogger Babes

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