Getting The Star Treatment with Nike Football and The Dallas Cowboys


A couple of weeks ago I had what was by far my top experience of 2017 to date! In all honesty, this may have been one of the best experiences I have encountered since starting FitXBrit almost three years ago. To say that Nike Dallas gave myself and a few other of Texas’s influencers and bosses in their own right the star treatment is barely giving you a full taste of what we were able to experience.

I first want to go on record saying that I am not a football girl. I mean, I know the sport very well because I took a full semester of Football 101 with Kenny Masenda who has to be one of the most knowledgeable sports enthusiasts I know. I spent countless afternoons listening to Galloway, watching film, and taking in every football movie known to man (‘Every Given Sunday’ is definitely my fav)! But, my heart will always belong to James Naismith. Or so I thought…

Being born and raised in the DFW metroplex, by default I consider myself a Dallas Cowboys fan. The franchise opened up a new practice facility last year and when I was personally invited out for a day at The Star in Frisco by our friends at Nike I genuinely was excited. So excited that I took off of work even though school had just started that week. Viewing the facilities is something that I would recommend to any Cowboy’s fan, in fact, it should be part of the criteria to even be considered to be an official fan of the team!


Not only does The Star in Frisco host all of the official practices for the team but they are also the host to a plethora of high school games during the season as well, as they are the home for Frisco ISD athletics. Anyone who knows about Friday Night Lights in Texas knows that everything Texas football related is done in a major way and for those that are fortunate enough to play any Frisco team, the experience will be well worth it.

We were escorted to our destination from the Nike offices in style courtesy of the official Dallas Cowboys bus that the big man Jerry Jones himself uses. Although the drive was short, it was made even more enjoyable by Nike EKIN Rollo who is a wealth of knowledge on all things Nike and sports in general. I felt like a small child at story time the entire day just waiting for the next tidbit that he would share.

It’s like they knew I was coming because as soon as we arrived we were greeted with guess what?! SMOOTHIES! Of course, I went for the green one as we were escorted to the Nike shop where we were gifted with one of the 214 ever made “No Place Like Home” shirts that were customized with our Instagram handles and can be purchased only at the Frisco Nike store, so you better schedule a trip really soon!

Grade A seating to watch “The Boys” practice and a V.I.P tour of the “ The Star” where we saw players, coaches, and my favorite: the war room. Yes, I was officially in the room where all of the big decisions are made on draft day. I soaked up so much information and was literally walking around with my mouth wide open in awe the entire time!

If that wasn’t enough, we were treated to the full athlete treatment with cryotherapy at Cowboy Fit! I am a regular cryotherapy participant but there is nothing like sharing the experience to be in a chamber that may or may not have once been used by an official Dallas Cowboy, or better yet enjoying your best friend’s first time joining the polar club by making it the full 3 minutes while jamming out to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”! Definitely one for the books! Add a Normatec compression session and a water massage that left me feeling some type of way, and this girl was a happy camper!

As much as I love a good workout, the moment that I was dreading the most was the intense session that was to come led by one of Nike’s best trainers. They eased us into the experience by surprising us in the locker room with some amazing gear and leading us out to the field for a sweat session. We did drills, and guys, I actually caught a football. That’s a huge deal for me because I hate to admit this but I have never in my life even tried. The drills were not an issue but incorporate a football into the mix and it was a whole different story. Each participant was gifted with a custom pair of Nike’s new Alpha Menace Elite designed by local artist Miguel Donjuan, and while these will probably NEVER touch a real field because they are just that dope I definitely recommended them to all of the football players that I teach and was definitely the cool teacher for the first week of school based off of the experience alone.

I personally was super surprised at just how affordable the Cowboy Fit training facilities are and would highly recommend a membership to anyone in close proximity before they change their minds. Lol. You will literally feel like you are training like a pro just by stepping foot into this amazing space.

My first up close and personal experience with the Nike family was simply amazing. I am forever grateful for the knowledge, takeaways, the amazing people that I was able to meet and just the overall experience. That day, that moment let me know that all of my hard work is not in vain. Forever grateful.  

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