Amazing Grass Elixirs For Your Mind, Body, and Soul


The theme for 2017 has definitely been to make sure you are taking care of the “whole” person and it seems as though brands are following suit with a growing number of products that benefit individuals on three different fronts: mind, body, and soul. Amazing Grass is joining in on the fun with their new line of elixirs that are geared towards enhancing your brain, belly and beauty. Cool concept, huh?! I mean, I don’t know about you but those are probably the top 3 areas of concern for most of us so, why not ensure that you are utilizing sources that can enhance that?

All three elixirs contain greens and adaptogens to improve your health. The catch being that in order to see real results the supplements will need to be consumed regularly so that you can enjoy the benefits long-term.



The plant-based powder contains chaga, hibiscus flower, Indian gooseberry (amla fruit), aloe vera, maqui, yumberry, camu camu, lucuma, and blueberry choice. One single serving gives you 100% daily value of plant-based biotin, which helps to support healthy skin, nails, and hair.



The Brain Elixir is generated from matcha green tea, lion’s mane, chocamine, bacopa, and maca, mixed with lemon balm, sage, and turmeric.



Provides soothing digestive support and aids gut health by combining 1 billion probiotics with Actazin Kiwi, turmeric, holy basil, yacon, and astragalus with essential spices like ginger, peppermint, and cardamom.

After trying out the products for a month, I am completely sold on the belly formula and saw immediate results. My “mom brain” is on level 10 so I can not honestly say that I saw major differences from the brain formula and since I was already taking a product for my hair, skin, and nails I cannot 100% attribute any growth in those areas to the amazing grass elixirs but I will say the beauty blend was the tastiest hands down. Mixing these three in your favorite smoothie recipe is my recommendation FOR SURE! I have a friend that just mixes them with water and I tried it but I am not about that life at all.


The biggest selling point is how reasonably priced these are! But, for the next couple of weeks you can use code "SweatPink17" and get 40% off of all of your orders to really maximize on being healthy and frugal! So which elixir are you excited to try out first?