Sunday Funday with Plum Yoga

As I was saying goodbye to 2015 I made a vow to myself to take a DFW tour of all the amazing fitness spots that 1.) wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg and 2.) would allow me to expand my horizons without making a commitment.  We know I have commitment phobia after that whole breakup with my trainer.

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17 places before 2017 was a pretty lofty goal but, I am determined and this past Sunday I finally got on the ball and headed out to Plum Yoga in the Lower Greenville area. After a month in which I pretty much “fell off the wagon” I felt that yoga would be a good place to start to get back on track.  A little breathing, a little stretching….easy right? Wrong!

I opted for the 9:30am Vinyasa Yoga class with Christina and although a description of the class is provided via the website, I decided that Vinyasa sounded like it wouldn’t be challenging physically. Had I done my research I would have known that Vinyasa is “both hard and soft, with a combination of effort and ease.”  I was all about the ease segment of the class, since I had attended Cardio and Cocktails not even 10 hours prior.

The instructor Christina was amazing and very hands on, which I desperately needed and appreciated and she provided several different variations to each position and flow sequence for the begineer like myself and the class regulars, who were giving all kinds of fitspo. I was left with my mouth hanging open a couple of times and I can not wait to come back again, like really soon!

The facility itself is on the smaller side , but I think that is one of the things that will bring me back. I love a place where you can easily become a real “community” and I feel that there is potential for that at Plum.

After class you don’t feel rushed to leave because they have a nice lounge area, where you can enjoy one of their amazing varieties of tea, sit and read, do some work, or chat with employees and fellow classmates.  You can also shop clothes, candles, teas, and more.

Because of the location you don’t have to go far to really enjoy the rest of your day either. In walking distance I did my meal prep shopping at Trader Joe’s, enjoyed a paleo-friendly brunch from HG Sply Co and even made a stop at Steel City Pops to grab a 4-pack to get Peyton through a week of “moody mommy” due to all the fun I knew was coming with standardized test week! Oh,what fun! If that doesn’t sound like an ideal situation (minus the testing), then I can’t help you! LOL.

What are some of your favorite types of yoga and what is it about it that you enjoy?