Fit Chicks: Get Bossy With April Walker

Our latest installment of Boss Chicks comes a bit later than usual this month, but we’ve been busy!  Between kicking butt high in the Dallas sky at Cardio & Cocktails and brunching with good folks at Lazy Dog, we’ve been dizzy with Fit Chicks adventures.  But, there is nothing like a little #Chickspiration to bring to back to the basics. After heading to Miami for an introduction to Aisha Thalia last month, we jet up to NYC this May to highlight a lady who lives in purpose and inspires us to do the same.

I want to inspire people and pass on life lessons and experiences while I am here. I want to be remembered as a giver and a game changer.
— April Walker

To say April Walker helped build the foundation of streetwear is a bit of an understatement.  In the 80s and 90s, anyone looking for fresh threads (including the likes of Tupac and Biggie Smalls, mind you)  donned Waler Wear from the Brooklyn boutique April founded. For over 20 years, April has continued to place her stamp on the culture as a lifestyle entreprenuer, public speaker, and all around bright soul.  For us, though, April is a bit of a mentor from a distance.  Her ‘Walker Gems’ movement finds the sage businesswoman imparting wisdom and spreading the mental wealth we all need to flourish.  

That said, take a look at our top reasons why April Walker is inspiring us in the BOSSiest way possible as our May Boss Chick!

Image April Walker

Image April Walker

1. She’s Not Afraid To Say The Tough Stuff

 Have you ever had a friend who doesn’t hesitate to tell you when you’re screwing up? That friend in invaluable, right?  Well, April isn’t shy about telling it like it is.  As someone who has lived it, learned from it, and grown from it, April’s Walker-isms are a reminder that nothing is promised and everything worth having requires W-O-R-K.

2. She’s Fit and Fine at 40

With several businesses, brand obligations, brainstorm sessions, keeping us glued with Walker Gems, and the creation of a book (!!!) you’d think that April might be too tired to keep it fit. Nope. Nada. Nah.  Walker makes it a point to showcase what she calls “sweat equity” in order to drive home a simple point: discipline = freedom, peace, and RESULTS.  Yasssss Ms. April - #Fitat40!

Image April Walker

Image April Walker

3. Those Gems Be Poppin’

 April’s latest endeavor? Crafting a book from her collection of witty inspirational gems.  Just mosey on over to her Instagram page and you’ll see all of them just waiting for you phone to screenshot.  Everything from business tips to gut checks about being a lady can be found on April’s feed.  We stay with the double tap.

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